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How to research medical AI? 
Kevin Wiggert (Technical University of Berlin)
Renate Baumgartner (VU Amsterdam)
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Kevin Wiggert (Technical University of Berlin)
Renate Baumgartner (VU Amsterdam)
Anamaria Malešević (Catholic University of Croatia)
Combined Format Open Panel

Short Abstract:

AI is trending in medicine and healthcare. In this open panel we would like to explore how we research medical AI from an STS perspective. We will discuss what challenges and opportunities this research brings us and our research partners from other disciplines and which methods we find productive.

Long Abstract:

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become an indispensable component of contemporary society, and its utilization in healthcare is increasingly prevalent. This technology possesses the potential to transform, expedite, and enhance many facets of medical practice, ranging from patient care to administrative tasks. Numerous research efforts within the global scientific community are directed toward various aspects of artificial intelligence development, implementation, and application, as well as the challenges and risks that emerge throughout the process. As STS scholars researching about medical AI development, implementation and application we are faced with manifold issues regarding useful methods and methodologies, normativities and not the least with unique technicalities (e.g., a blackboxed inference engine) inherent to the field of medical AI.

In this open panel we will discuss how we as STS scholars and with other backgrounds are researching medical AI in order to discuss the question of how we can approach the research of medical AI methodically and methodologically.

Presentations and discussion will revolve around the following topics and beyond:

What are productive and innovative research methods and methodologies to research medical AI?

How does our background in different disciplines influence our research?

How knowledgeable do we think we have to be regarding technicalities in the field?

How do we influence the field through our research? What is our role in the field, e.g. co-shaping?

How do we deal with ethical aspects of our research?

How to deal with different normativities in the field?

Which other challenges do we encounter in our research?

How can STS communicate and demonstrate its utility/contribution to the medical AI community?


The first 1-2 sessions, depending on the submissions, will be presentations (3-4 presentations within one session). The last session will be a workshop, discussing subtopics of the theme within smaller groups and a fishbowl discussion at the end.

Accepted contributions: