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Justice-oriented science communication research: sharing knowledge, building a network (papers and discussion workshop) 
Emily Dawson (University College London)
Sujatha Raman (Australian National University)
Eleanor Armstrong (Stockholm University)
Joseph Roche (Trinity College Dublin)
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Emily Dawson (University College London)
Combined Format Open Panel

Short Abstract:

This combined format open panel shares research on science communication, engagement and popular culture via the relationships between social justice, power and publics across cultural, political & socio-economic contexts. In Session 2 we'll discuss how best to organise our network- please join us!

Long Abstract:

This panel explores research on science communication, engagement and popular culture via the relationships between social justice, power and publics in a range of cultural, political and socio-economic contexts.

Sessions 1 and 3 focus on papers/discussions, while Session 2's workshop format provides space for us to develop the network. Please join our Session 2 workshop!!

Science and social justice can both be understood as landscapes in flux, where context is key. The ‘problem’ space of science communication is shaped by specific normative goals and political investments. Science communication and public engagement scholarship (and practice) often remains tied to the scientistic and policy defined epistemological framings of the late 20th century in the Global North, and, as a result, is narrowly framed. Little attention is paid to alternatives. We invite contributions from scholars whose work asks what those alternatives might involve. These might include but are not limited to: the everyday realities of science and society relationships; popular culture; non-dominant publics; perspectives from the Global South; affective relations with science and science communication; activism and grassroots organisations; the flows of structural power, patterns of oppression and their impact in science communication; science’s roles in justifying how marginalised groups, their knowledges and practices are conceptualised and positioned in relation to itself through engagement and communication practices.

Echoing the overall conference theme, we will share research that rethinks the ‘problem’ spaces of science communication (broadly defined) whether empirically, theoretically and/or practically. Through sharing our research, stories and methods, we will take time to build community in this panel. We see community building as a central resource for making and doing much needed transformations in justice-oriented research on science communication. We invite the following contributions: 1) ‘traditional’ academic papers for panels with discussants; 2) active participation in a network scoping and development workshop.

Accepted contributions:

Session 1
Session 2
Session 3