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Normative uncertainties in the energy transition: energy justice, pluralism and beyond 
Eugen Popa (TU Delft)
Behnam Taebi
Udo Pesch (Delft University of Technology)
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Traditional Open Panel

Short Abstract:

The profound transformation of the global energy system raises questions regarding the normative uncertainties that lie ahead. The complex relationship between energy technologies and values requires conceptual innovation and empirical grounding.

Long Abstract:

The global energy landscape is undergoing a profound transformation driven by environmental imperatives and social demands. The moral implications of this transformation become increasingly manifest. New technologies for producing and consuming energy, as well as new mechanisms for the governance of energy systems, are pursued worldwide under the assumption that the energy system of the future must be sustainable, just, safe, independent of oil states etc. Yet the path forward is fraught with many normative uncertainties, not in the least because values change over time and stakeholders will interpret and rank values differently. How can we understand the complex and dynamic relationship between energy systems and values? What values are at stake for different energy technologies? What values are (de)prioritized during techno-moral change in the energy system? The panel will seek contributions that address these questions or similar ones that focus on the normative uncertainties of different energy transitions pathways. The panel welcomes both empirical contributions and conceptual analyses that increase our command of the normative uncertainties in the energy transition. Tools and insights from STS, ethics and philosophy of technology and responsible innovation are especially welcome, but other fields and inter-disciplinary approaches are also encouraged.

Accepted papers:

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