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Ethnographing racism nowdays 
Gaëlle SIMON (Institut Agro-Rennes)
Lucas Jargeais (Paris 8 (LAVUE))
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Thursday 25 July, -, -
Time zone: Europe/Madrid
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Short Abstract:

This panel is about how to do and undo an ethnography of racism in anthropology nowdays. It is looking for new forms and ways of ethnographing and approaching racism in anthropology and discuss the role and place of our discipline in current debates about race and racism.

Long Abstract:

This panel will focus on ethnographic study of racism proposals highlighting innovative axes. We propose 3 different axes. The first one is about ethnographies from the point of view of the people experiencing racism, the experiences, the perceptions, the feelings, the emotions from the point of view of the dominated, not the dominant one. The proposals should be based on life stories or long-term ethnographies, highlighting the experience of everyday life and structural racism from the point of view of the racialized. The second axe is about how to rethink racial issues and how to approach them in anthropology nowdays. The propositions could be about the relations between anthropology and activism on the topic of racism and the following questions could be addressed: How can we approach racial issues in a context where, gradually, racialized populations have seized on socializing concepts to use them as tools for claiming and emancipating? Is it still the role of anthropology to approach racial issues as an academic topic and if yes, how? The third axe will be about the relations between local experiences of racism and global movement and activism. The following questions could be addressed: How local identities claims can build global movements and revendications? How can global struggles and movements (black lives matter for example) impact daily, local, behaviours and/or resistance (Hidden transcript, Scott)? What are the roles and impact of social medias, and others transnational medias, in this local-global relationship and how to ethnography this?

Accepted papers:

Session 1 Thursday 25 July, 2024, -
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