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Navigating uncertainty and risks in reproductive trajectories: dialogues among patients, health workers and anthropologists in clinical settings 
Mora Castro (UNAJ - CONICET)
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Eugenia Brage (Universidade de São Paulo)
Thursday 18 July, -, -
Time zone: Europe/Madrid
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Short Abstract:

This panel invites papers that discuss how risk and uncertainty are constructed and contested in the framework of medical consultations about reproductive and perinatal care, bringing together health workers, patients, and anthropologists’ perspectives

Long Abstract:

Dialogues around risk are key components in the routines of medical consultations. Screenings, tests, ultrasounds, and a whole series of diagnostic techniques offer images and data that accept multiple interpretations and that might represent new options to consider for both healthcare providers and patients. Many times, the classification of risk levels obeys normative criteria that are not under question, and they do not always consider patients’ biological and socio-cultural diversity. Anthropologists working in medical settings are in a privileged position to make sense of how “risk” is constructed and how it is understood and experienced by patients undergoing reproductive, pre-, peri-, and post-natal care. Considering that risk has different meanings and different ways of naming it depending on the social actors involved in the conversation, this panel seeks to bring together social, biomedical, legal, and ethical perspectives around risk-talk in medical institutions. We invite papers that explore dimensions of the interactions and dialogues among staff, patients, and their families in reproductive care analyzing the impact on decision-making processes and people’s daily lives. We are particularly interested in how conversations about risk, hazard, and prevention are occasions to legitimate or contest power relationships, and also make a reflection on equity and culturally acceptable and respectful interventions. Finally, we intend to promote a revision of the role of anthropology in these dialogues around risk turning its contributions into a powerful tool to improve professionals’ work and patients’ well-being in critical moments in their healthcare trajectories. Keywords: risk, reproduction, communication, clinical settings.

Accepted papers:

Session 1 Thursday 18 July, 2024, -
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