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Socio-technical imaginaries in/and of the digital world 
Milena Geisa dos Santos Martins (Universidade Federal Rural do Rio de Janeiro - UFRRJ)
Jyotirmoy Mukherjee (IIM INDORE)
Indrani Mukherjee (Indian Anthropological Association)
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Thursday 18 July, -, -
Time zone: Europe/Madrid
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Short Abstract:

Sociotechnical world of the Digital is a confluence of multiple imaginaries, which are being continuously (re)envisioned, (re)defined, questioned and challenged. The panel brings together commentaries on perceptions, practices, ideologies, voices, rights, responsibilities, regulations and controls.

Long Abstract:

Digitalization, has become central to societal (trans)formation, providing power of action through efficient access in geographies across the globe. In this the socio-technical world of the Digital is a confluence of multitude of imaginaries that include actors and agencies at different levels of local, national and global. These imaginaries create the possibilities of an interconnected world, access to information and knowledge. They have ensured socio-economic revolutions through access and availability of commercial goods/commodities over conglomerate marketing platforms; individualization of services and self-help with the use of apps/platforms, virtual spaces for offices and education, employability alternatives as content creators, influencers, gig workers; virtual and augmented reality; anthropomorphic experiences of varying degrees; and social platforms for interaction. Alternately, they are also visualized as effective spaces for global social movements and support groups; identity assertion of ethnic and marginalized groups and so on. These imaginaries, are on one hand creating the foundation of the virtual space, while they are being constantly re-imagined and redefined through technological advancements, competitive/innovative ideas, power lobbies and pressure groups in a race against time. The imaginaries are being equally questioned and challenged on issues of surveillance capitalism, privacy breaches and cybercrime; governmental digital surveillance and control; echo chambers of hate, violence and cyberbullying; and social manipulation through fake news, targeted communication and misinformation. Within this context, the panel hopes to bring together reflections and commentary on the sociotechnical imaginaries of the digital world in terms of perceptions, practices, rights and responsibilities, regulation and control.

Accepted papers:

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