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Rites, rights and routes: imaginaries of belonging in a mobile world 
Winnie Lem (Trent University)
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Masha Shaw (University of Aberdeen)
Rowan Room 2
Start time:
27 August, 2010 at
Time zone: Europe/London
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Long Abstract:

This workshop is a comparative examination of the experiences of dislocation problematized through migrant memories, media and politics. Through the theoretical and methodological orientations of biographical research, rights of passage, cultural analysis and political economy, the papers address questions of belonging, integration, adaptation and also the regulation of migrants, whose circulation through distinctive routes and locations is conditioned by social and political conflict as well as economic crises. The papers confront the nature of migrant politics, as well as how migrants re-appropriate memory to shape history. They also contribute toward illuminating the relationship between migrants and the forms of governance that prevail in the societies of origin and relocation. Overall, the papers engage in an examination and analysis of the quotidian complexities and concerns of people whose lives are distinguished by mobility. Cases studies are presented of national and transnational migration across Europe, Asia and Africa.

Accepted papers:

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