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Accepted Paper:

Lifestyle migration on the White Sea coast in north-western Russia: divergent views on rural life  
Masha Shaw (University of Aberdeen)

Paper short abstract:

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Paper long abstract:

This paper provides a specific "Northern" perspective on lifestyle migration. The case considered here is the village of Kuzomen' at the White Sea coast, near the Polar Circle. While the 1960s saw high migration of villagers to the city, population of Kuzomen' today doubles in summer as many of those who had migrated to city now seasonally return to their rural homeland. They do so partly because they can no longer afford travelling to resorts in the South, and partly because they pursue a particular lifestyle. There are tensions between summer visitors and permanent residents. The latter think they preserved the village despite all economic and social difficulties, whereas the former assume that permanent residents have caused the village to decline. The controversy can be traced in people's attitudes to the built environment and to historical and genealogical data. The paper unpacks the reasons behind the divergence of these views.

Panel W116
Rites, rights and routes: imaginaries of belonging in a mobile world
  Session 1