Accepted Paper:

Studying migration in the Greek-Albanian border region: tHeoretical and methodological issues  


Vassilis Nitsiakos (University of Ioannina)

Paper short abstract:

This paper deals with theoretical and methodological issues concernig migration in the Greek-Albanian border region. It questions established notions and tools used in this specific field of research, reflects on the notion of ''multi-sited ethnograhy'', examines the term "transethnography" and proposes the term "transborder ethnography".

Paper long abstract:

The fall of the Albanian regime in 1991 led also to the violent fall of the national border between Albania and Greece. The massive exodus of Albanians to Greece created by the time a transnational space which on a local scale presents a special interest due to the continuous movement of people and goods between the two sides of the border. The mobility in a space that crosses today the national border but in the past constituted a unity poses serious problems in the study of migration, which call for a reflection on established theoretical as well as methodological tools used in this context. This paper aims to present a ''problematique'' on doing ethnographic research in such an area.

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Experiencing borders and boundaries in the post-socialist Southeastern Europe (SEE)