Accepted Paper:

Problem of data privacy protection of research subjects  


Srdjan Jančić

Paper short abstract:

The paper examines issues related to ethically sensitive situations in researches, which use pshychoanalytical interview. I will present an example of a psychoanalytic biography research, in which a problem of the data privacy protection occurs.

Paper long abstract:

Although psychoanalytic interviews are not psychoanalysis, it appears that a psychoanalytical view manifest in the association method and in the later interpretation of the material)initiates in a research dyade a processes characteristic of a psychoanalytic situation. Ethical dilemmas are therefore those characteristic not only of a research situation, but of a psychoanalytic one.

In the example discussed at the end of the research, an issue regarding data privacy protection occurred. Despite the fact that the basic recommendations for the data privacy protection were respected, I was faced with a dilemma - whether to publish the results - and under which conditions, or to give up on their presentation.

The hypothesis is that the problem of privacy is a result of an insufficient distinction of the research / psychoanalytic context and the private (friendship) context of the meaning due to a multiple intertwining of the everyday life of the research participants (the researcher and the research subject). In the attempt to understand what can be learned from the ethically sensitive example about the method used and the mistakes in its application, I will analyse the course of the research from its beginning to the very end. Finally - how is a researcher to write a paper without endangering a subject's privacy? The manner in which I wrote this paper presents a practical attempt to apply the recommendations which, according to my opinion, present an answer to this question.

Panel IW04
Ethically sensitive researches in anthropology