Accepted Paper:

African migrant networks in Germany  


Cassandra Ellerbe-Dueck (Southampton University)

Paper short abstract:

This paper examines the situation and networks of African migrants residing within a rural context.

Paper long abstract:

African Migrant Networks in Germany

Migrants of the African Diaspora have frequently experienced a sense of non-belonging, encountered ever tightening borders, and restricted movement within the European space. African individuals that manage to overcome such hindrances commonly gravitate towards post-colonial or metropolitan capital cities. The connection with migrants of the African Diaspora and Germany can be categorized as a particular case. While direct post-colonial links to Germany are virtually non-existent, African diasporic migrants can nevertheless be found in many of the country's major cities and small towns. Spatial dispersion and social marginalisation, has prompted many individuals with African diasporic migrant backgrounds to form networks and associations in order to counter sentiments of non-belonging and exclusion.

In this paper, I will examine the networks, networking practices, and cast an intersectionally informed eye upon the situation of migrants of the African Diaspora, residing in the small Southern German city of Bayreuth.

Panel W079
Globalising neighbourhoods or tradition-based parallel societies? Studying migration and cultural diversity in rural areas