Accepted Paper:

Sounding ethnography: mutuality and diversity in music  


Carsten Wergin (Ruprecht-Karls-University Heidelberg)
Fabian Holt (University of Roskilde)

Paper short abstract:

This collaborative paper is to introduce the panel topic in relevant cultural and scholarly contexts. Themes and issues presented are meant as thought-provoking openers that will leave a first set of questions for further exploration in the workshop.

Paper long abstract:

We wish to open the panel by a collaborative paper to introduce the topic in relevant cultural and scholarly contexts. First of all, we wish to emphasize the difference between mutuality and unity to stimulate new critical approaches to cultural challenges in global space. Mutuality can be viewed as an alternative to reductive ideas about cultural difference. Mutuality depends cultural ethics and social engagement. Moreover, mutuality provides a ground for new approaches to thinking about forms of production and consumption. Examples include the involvement of consumers in product development and the social dynamics among cultural producers in both grassroots and corporate settings.

We have encouraged all panellists to grasp the topic from their encounters as ethnographers in particular field sites. The idea is to maintain a focus on a fundamental methodical practice, and to confront the ways in which issues of mutuality and diversity play out in different places around the world.

Our introductory paper addresses three basic questions to help build a common frame for the papers and for a concluding discussion between all panellists:

• Is there anything particular about mutuality and diversity in music? This pertains to fundamental questions about the role of music in society and its expressive qualities.

• Where and how are mutuality and diversity in music produced and shared? We will consider music scenes and music venues as spaces of mutuality

• How are mutuality and diversity constituted in live and mediated performances? This is to recognize the growing impact of electronically mediated communication

Panel W027
Sounding ethnography: mutuality and diversity in musical life