East looks West and West looks East - mutual constructions of anthropology

Frances Pine (Goldsmiths College, University of London)
Joanna Zalewska
Frances Pine
Michal Buchowski, Vlad Naumescu, Vintila Mihailescu, Eniko Magyari-Vincze, Laszlo Foszto
Start time:
28 August, 2008 at 14:00
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Short abstract:

How do eastern and western European anthropologists forge a new common ground in the research practices of the new, youngest, generation of researchers? What unexpected commonalities are found and what shibboleths have to be sacrificed to build this space?

Long abstract:

Our panel examines the way eastern European anthropologists have used their local histories, including their experience of 'socialism' to inform their work outside their own region and the influences western anthropologists have brought to bear on their work in eastern Europe. We shopfront the work of the youngest generation of doctoral students working in these fields - bringing contrasts and parallels from more senior scholars invited as discussants. The organisers of this panel coordinate a Marie Curie network promoting anthropological research in the region but have drawn in a broader set of researchers. Session 1. At home and abroad Session 2. Circulating practices Session 3. Circulating and migrating persons Session 4. General reflections and discussion