Ritual and reflection: tropes In transformation and transgression (Wenner-Gren workshop) 
Jens Kreinath (Wichita State University)
Refika Sariönder (University of Bielefeld)
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Thursday 28 August, 14:00-15:45, Friday 29 August, 9:00-10:45, 11:00-12:45 (UTC+0)

Short Abstract:

This workshop is designed to inquire into the theoretical implications and practical consequences of the mutual relationship between ritual and reflection with an attempt to reshape the common understanding in the study of ritual.

Long Abstract

Although one can observe a major shift in ritual theory towards more refined models of analysis and interpretation, the question of the relation between ritual and reflection is still an unresolved issue. The goal of this workshop is to go beyond the current state of the art and to foster a reflexive anthropology on that issue. This workshop will address the role that reflection and reflexivity (that is, the reflection of reflection) in and of ritual action play in the process of practising and theorising rituals. The major aim is to make explicit the extent to which ritual theory considers ritual as a reflective and reflexive form of social practice. Besides that, it is at issue whether and how such theoretical reflections are actually reflected in the various forms of transformation and transgression in and of ritual practice. The objective is to address the issue of reflection in both ritual theory and ritual practice and to correlate both as forms of social practice on a theoretical and meta-theoretical level.

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