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European discourse gone global: shaping the lives of people worldwide and being shaped by them 
Roos Willems (University of Antwerp)
Alexander Rödlach (Creighton University)
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Biol B75
Start time:
21 September, 2006 at 11:30 (UTC+0)
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Short Abstract:

European discourses have long impacted life outside of Europe, yet have also been adapted and fed back into Europe in a modified form. We invite ethnographies on discourses travelling to and from various parts of the globe, relating to medical, economic, development and political anthropology.

Long Abstract

Due to historical circumstances, the global political and economic core has its roots in Europe; subsequently European discourses have dominated large parts of the global scene and this process appears to intensify even further through today's increased interconnectivity. This workshop delves into how economic, political and health discourses impact daily life outside of the European continent, while at the same time being adapted and modified and ultimately fed back into European discourses. We invite papers that present ethnographies concerned with discourses travelling to and from various parts of the globe, and which are related particularly to medical anthropology, economic anthropology, development anthropology and political anthropology. During the workshop, we will tease out common threads and patterns of the diffusion, adoption and adaptations of such discourses. We pay careful attention to the impact of such processes on the daily life of social groups and their institutions, and attempt to trace patterns of the return path of these altered discourses back to their roots in Europe.

Accepted papers: