Learning as context, process, imagination, virtuality, emotion and cognition 
Iain Edgar (Durham University)
Thomas Fillitz (University of Vienna)
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Queens 1.15
Start time:
21 September, 2006 at 11:30 (UTC+0)
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Short Abstract:

European higher education is currently transforming, from the Bologna process to e-learning. This workshop intends to showcase current developments in our learning fields initiated by EASA members.

Long Abstract

European Higher Education is currently transforming; the Bologna process and the developing audit culture are changing the pedagogical context for all those involved in teaching and learning; likewise e-learning and net resources are opening up a global context and database of almost infinite magnitude. This workshop intends to showcase current developments in our 'learning fields' initiated by EASA members. Possible areas of interest may include: educational ethnographies; teaching methodologies; experiential education; impact of audit culture and the politics of education; relationship between research and teaching; cross cultural studies of the educational context and experience; cosmopolitanism and education; Socrates educational programmes.

Accepted papers: