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New Cities as sites for social (in)justice: lessons from experiments in urban development 
Tanya Jakimow (Australian National University)
Ramaswami Harindranath (UNSW Sydney)
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Paper panel
Embedding justice in development
S118, first floor Senate Building
Thursday 27 June, -, -, -
Time zone: Europe/London

Short Abstract:

New cities/towns built ‘from scratch’ have emerged as a solution to the strains of urban growth globally. This panel will explore the potential for ‘new cities’ to ameliorate or perpetuate social injustice and examine how these experiments in urban development have played out in mature cities

Long Abstract:

Cities across Asia, Africa and Latin America are experiencing massive strains on infrastructure as a result of population growth and insufficient state investment (Dey et al. 2013; Low 2018). Consequences include a diminishing standard of living for denizens, and below optimal efficiency for industry. One response to these problems is the development of so-called ‘New Towns’ or ‘Cities-from-scratch’ (Bhattacharya and Sanyal 2011). Corporate entities and/or governments develop land on the outskirts of ‘mega-cities’, transforming agricultural landscapes into urban environments with ‘world class facilities’ and global ambitions. As a relatively recent phenomenon, however, much remains unknown as to the consequences of these experiments in urban development.

The main focus of this panel is on the potential for ‘new cities’ to ameliorate or perpetuate social injustice. We invite papers that further extend understandings of the processes of land acquisition and planning, with attention to how these contribute to erasures and/or privileging. We are particularly keen to build upon knowledge on ‘new cities’ as ‘speculative urbanism’ (van Leynseele, and Bontje 2019; Moser and Côté-Roy 2021) to see how these experiments have played out in reality. To this end, we seek papers that provide accounts of the lived experiences of people living and/or working in, and around, new cities and towns that have reached a level of maturity. The aim is to collectively develop analytical frameworks to understand and evaluate the potential of ‘cities-from-scratch’ as a more (or less) socially just urban environment, and establish a body of evidence to guide future developments.

Accepted papers:

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