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Accepted Contribution:

"Tell LGBTQ Stories": Lessons for faith actors on centering queer women in fragile contexts  
Anupama Ranawana (Christian Aid University of St Andrews)

Contribution short abstract:

This paper reflects on the lessons learned and challenges provided by queer women living in and negotiating fragile contexts to faith actors engaged in peace and security programming.

Contribution long abstract:

Institution building works well when there is a process of institution dismantling, and if the agendas imposed on such a process are not from an external source, but are responsive, flexible and adaptable to the specific context. Working from this premise, and engaging with the Colombian context, where women’s and LGBTQ rights were rejected in the Peace Agreement process, this paper examines the ‘rule taking’ role that actors made to be subordinate to the institution play in challenging hegemonies of raced and gendered power. The paper presents findings from a British Academy funded project that used a collaborative, dialogic workshopping method that brought together LGBTQ activists , local academics and researchers to discuss the National Action Plan process in Colombia. Looking at this intersection of struggle and creativity, this paper reflects on the reckonings suggested by activists and local researchers to faith actors engaging in peace and security programming. What do faith actors need to do, what spaces must be provided in order to expand and strengthen queer engagement in peace and security?

Panel P29
LGBTQ+ and faith in international development
  Session 1 Wednesday 28 June, 2023, -