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Accepted Paper:

Military Expenditures and Economic Development in the MENAT Region.  
Ghazi Al-Assaf (Joaan Bin Jassim Academy for Defence Studies)

Paper short abstract:

This research investigates the effects of military expenditures on different indicators of economic development in selected countries in the MENAT region. The study will conduct empirical analysis using a panel cointegration framework, focusing on the implications of political instability.

Paper long abstract:

The association between military expenditure and economic development is one of the major elements of the sustainable development literature. It is important to mention that the potential effect of military expenditures on economic development will depend on various factors such as the size and nature of the expenditure, the overall economic environment, the level of development of the country, and the other political and social factors. Therefore, concentrating on the role that might played by political stability variables might add a great deal to both theoretical and empirical investigation on this topic.

It is still vital topic to relate the relationship between military spending and economic development in the region of MENAT, where a stable political environment is typically necessary for sustained economic growth, and military spending can play a role in promoting stability. For example, in countries where the military is used to maintain stability and security, higher levels of military spending can lead to greater stability, which in turn can support economic growth. Additionally, military spending can divert resources away from other important areas, such as education, healthcare, and infrastructure, which can negatively impact the overall economy. Therefore, it is important to consider political stability indicators when analyzing the relationship between military spending and economic development. The relationship is likely to be complex and context-specific, and a careful examination of the political and economic environment is required.

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