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Grassroots tactics and solutions 
Nura Ali (UCL)
Politics and political economy
Wednesday 6 July, 13:50-14:30 (UTC+1)

Short Abstract:

This session discusses public participation and community-based approaches to planning, water, and mental health with papers from different geographies and disciplines.

Long Abstract

Multiplicity, the balancing of epistemic infrastructures and collective action outside of capitalist and urban regimes have emerged as a possible way to navigate contemporary challenges and conflict in a way that doesn't leave the majority of the Global Community out of the equation. This panel looks at grassroots initiatives from different continents and disciplinary perspectives, to find ways of re-conceptualising the urban condition through "rooted", or bottom-up epistemologies. 

Panelists will look at the grey spaces between established binaries, new colonialities and their fragmented infrastructures/governmentalities, anthropogenic crises, trauma-inflicted pasts and their neurological impact on the future, and provide hopeful glimpses at community solutions.

Methodology: Panelists will upload pre-recorded presentations. Convenors will ask panelists to watch other people's presentation in advance of the synchronous sessions. The convenors will also share in advance what they think are the key questions emerging from the recorded presentations which will be prompts for the synchronous discussion. The convenors will also start the synchronous session outlining these questions. Then, each presenter will give a 2min pitch summarising their key argument and another 2min in which they address one of the key questions form the convenors. After this, the discussion will be open to the audience with convenors' moderation.

Accepted papers: