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Accepted Paper:

Community-based financing of water & health  
Nura Ali (UCL)

Paper short abstract:

During this panel contribution, I will discuss varieties of community-based solutions to lacking water & health infrastructures, and potential policy implications. Vimeo Link with Presentation, as well as PDF of Powerpoint Slides.

Paper long abstract:

Urban health inequalities are both the origin and symptom of unjust cities. The Covid-19 pandemic has exposed socio-spatial health gradients across urban areas, showing the impact of social, historical and political factors on individual, public and ecological health.

The importance of the water-health nexus is widely recognized, less so the de-politisized ways of framing access to water and historically oblivious portrayal of health infrastructures. Policy recommendations therefore continue to fall short of long-term urban transformation. In this panel contribution, I will look at the reasons for fragmented water infrastructures in Lagos, their sponsorship mechanisms and implications for public health in Makoko, a settlement built on water but without access to public water or health infrastructures. Considering community-driven health solutions that tackle waterborne diseases will provide the basis for adequate policy intervention, and looking at ways to scale up such interventions is the goal of this contribution.

Panel P60
Grassroots tactics and solutions