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Unsettling climates: exploring climate mobility with a governance perspective III 
Lily Salloum Lindegaard (Danish Institute for International Studies)
Neil Webster (Danish Institute for International Studies)
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Tuesday 29 June, 14:15-16:00 (UTC+1)

Short Abstract:

This panel seeks to nuance narratives of climate mobility. It examines how governance and policy interventions, from formal and informal governance actors across scales, influence how climate change is experienced and how households and individuals formulate and practice (im)mobility as a response.

Long Abstract

Climate-related mobility is receiving extensive attention as the impacts of anthropogenic climate change intensify. Scholarly and policy debates on the topic are, however, often influenced by narratives of a direct, causal relationship between climate and mobility, where climate change drives mobility responses. However, this simplistic framing is questioned by research that examines the role of governance factors in shaping climate change impacts and mobility decisions and practices, including immobility.

This panel seeks to generate further engagement on the role of governance in climate-related (im)mobility. Specifically, contributions could consider:

• How governance and policy interventions (e.g. infrastructure, public services, social protection, climate change adaptation initiatives, natural resource management, livelihood-related initiatives) influence how climate change is experienced locally and how households and individuals formulate and practice mobility as a response.

• The interplay between formal and informal institutions (e.g. international institutions, national government actors, local government agencies, hometown associations, migrant networks, NGOs, traditional institutions and religious authorities) in shaping climate-related mobility options and decisions.

• The role of governance practices across scales in relation to climate-related mobility, not least their possible effects, influences and dynamics.

The panel will include papers from the Governing Climate Mobility (GCM, research programme, based at research institutions in Ethiopia, Ghana and Denmark, but welcomes contributions from others working to nuance analyses of climate and mobility with a governance perspective.

Accepted papers: