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Digital Development Leadership 
Jaco Renken (University of Manchester)
Richard Heeks (University of Manchester)
Epiphania Kimaro (University of Manchester)
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Data digitalisation
Thursday 18 June, -
Time zone: Europe/London

Short Abstract:

The new digital development paradigm has profound implications on how data- and technology-intensive development is led and by whom. We seek contributions that explicate characteristics, requirements and implications - positive and negative - resulting from the leadership of digital development.

Long Abstract:

We know leadership is required to bring about the necessary action to address wicked development problems such as persistent poverty and inequality, ineffectiveness of the state, man-made and natural disasters. These actions are shaped by existing political, economic, social and cultural structures and processes. In the emerging digital development paradigm, data and technologies are added to the factors shaping those actions, but what are the leadership implications thereof?

We seek papers that help us to conceptualise, to analyse, to evidence, to critique and, overall, to build a picture of how leadership engages the agents, processes and structures of development through digital initiatives. We welcome all aspects of digital development leadership but include these examples of the implications of the emerging digital development paradigm:

• The nature and characteristics of digital development leadership. What kinds of leadership are being exercised by those leading digital initiatives and how does it compare to those without a digital component? What are the challenges and opportunities resulting from various epistemologies of leadership and how does that influence development praxis?

• The leadership challenges of digital development. What are the key challenges and how can they be overcome?

• The impacts of leadership on digital development initiatives. How do the leadership approaches of those leading digital initiatives influence the outcomes? How is leadership advancing or hindering the adoption of sustainable and resilient technologies and practices?

• Leadership capacity building for digital development initiatives. How and how effectively are development stakeholders capacitated to lead digital development initiatives?

Accepted papers:

Session 1 Thursday 18 June, 2020, -