Accepted paper:

Understanding Zambia's economic technocracy in an era of high bureaucratic performance (2001-2008)


Marja Hinfelaar (Southern African Institute for Policy and Research)

Paper short abstract:

This paper analyses the Ministry of Finance, Bank of Zambia and Zambia Revenue Authority throughout an era of high copper prices and strong bureaucratic performance. It will highlight determinants for the functioning of these economic institutions.

Paper long abstract:

Zambia's exponential growth in the 2000s was not only buttressed by the rise of copper prices, but was also propped up by a bureaucracy that sustained conditions for economic growth and increased state revenue by amending fiscal policies, informed by (moderate) resource nationalism. This era also saw an expansion of state functions/bureaucracy following the Structural Adjustment Program in the 1990s which led to a reduced civil service. This paper will situate these developments in the political context of President Mwanawasa era (2001-2008) and will highlight some of the determining factors of the functioning of Minister of Finance, Bank of Zambia and Zambia Revenue Authority like leadership, relations with State House and regional/international organisations.

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