Health and nutritional outcomes: progress and inequalities 
Coretta Jonah (University Of The Western Cape)
Winnie Sambu (African Economic Research Consortium)
E: Everyday inequalities
Start time:
27 June, 2018 at 16:00 (UTC+0)
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Short Abstract:

This panel consists of presentations that draw on scholarly reviews and quantitative analyses to discuss the nature and distribution of inequalities in child health and nutrition, and some of the key drivers of poor health and nutritional outcomes.

Long Abstract

Malnutrition and poor health outcomes constitute some of the major challenges that many countries, especially those in developing regions, continue to grapple with. While the socio-economic situation in many developing countries have improved over the years, these improvements have not necessarily been equally distributed across the population. Evidence suggests that inequalities within and between various groups in countries, and across countries are widening. Also, there are striking disparities in health, nutritional outcomes and access to basic services, across geographical locations and between groups of different socio-economic status. This panel presents a collection of papers that provide insight into the levels and distribution of inequalities in child health and nutritional outcomes, based on research conducted in several African and South American countries. A number of these papers rely on nationally representative household surveys to examine the levels, nature and distribution of these inequalities. There is a focus on health and nutrition inequalities that are deemed as detrimental to long term economic and human development, for example stunting. The panel will also consider some of the drivers of these emerging inequalities as well as the policies and strategies that can be used to strengthen access to basic services and improve child nutritional outcomes.

Accepted papers: