From inclusive cities via vibrant public spaces to sustainable development: A leap of faith or a leap too far? (Hybrid combining: paper + policy and practice panel) 
Flavio Comim (University of Cambridge and UFRGS)
Shailaja Fennell (University of Cambridge)
Joe Ravetz (University of Manchester)
PB Anand (University of Bradford)
Sudhir Rajan (IIT Madras )
K: Uneven urban and sub-national development
Start time:
28 June, 2018 at 9:00 (UTC+0)
Session slots:

Short Abstract:

This British Academy research based panel has 2 sessions: 1. From unequal cities to inclusive and smart cities including spatial justice; 2. From a right to the city to just cities for all.

Long Abstract

This panel is a result of three years of research supported by the British Academy on Inclusive, smart and sustainable cities. This panel has a set of four connected sessions.

Session 1: From cities of inequalities to inclusive and smart cities. In this part we want to interrogate the contending ideas and frames for thinking about the so called 'smart cities' and explore complexities and contradictions including in the dimensions of citizenship, governance, spatial realm, planning and public policy contexts.

Session 2: From a right to the city to cities for all: making the citizens count

will focus on the meaning of a right to the city (drawing on Lefebvre and Harvey), the challenges of creating and delivering a just city that really works for all including those 'citizens without the city' as Appadurai reminded us of people living in urban slums or those living in peri-urban communities or the elderly people living in a city that prioritises economic productivity above everything else.

Though for organisational purposes the sessions are split like this we can easily see that the ideas and challenges overlap. Both sessions are planned to be interactive and participatory and we are looking forward to discussions and possible areas for collaborative research in the future. is aimed to be participatory

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