Accepted paper:

Smart Cities and Smart Citizens


Serag El Hegazi (University of Bradford)

Paper short abstract:

This paper will examine the importance of establisihing smart cities by including smart citizens. In order to be definded as a smart city, it should ensure that all indivduals are catered for in one inclusive city.

Paper long abstract:

The ambition of building smart cites has yet to realise the significance of including smart citizens. While other factors and mainly the use of technology which enable us to build smart cities, is the most noticeable factor. Upgrading citizens seems to be almost neglected as it is still not regarded as a priority in reforming cities to become smarter. This paper offers to explore the relevant literature on smart citizens and how to include all classes of the communities. Also, the desire of building smart cities offers a significant example of the need for upgrading citizens before building smart infrastructure and up to date technology applications. Taking some global examples, the research presented in this paper aims to explore recommendations on how to upgrade citizens, ensure that cities are for all and to make citizens count, therefore reinforcing the foundations for reforming cities to become smarter.

panel K04
From inclusive cities via vibrant public spaces to sustainable development: A leap of faith or a leap too far? (Hybrid combining: paper + policy and practice panel)