African colonization and decolonization in li̇terature
Vassil Anastassov (Independent scholar)
Edona Llukaçaj
B1 0.08
Thursday 18 July, 9:30-11:00, 14:30-16:00 (UTC+0)

Short abstract:

The panel deals with the controversial ways in which literature represents the problems of colonization and decolonization of Africa.It offers analyses from both African and non-African perspective in the search of the most possible objective picture of the history of the "black" continent.

Long abstract:

The panel sheds new light on the controversial problems of colonization/decolonization as presented in both African and non-African literature. It attempts to shed light on how colonization and decolonization affected both its agents and subjects as well as its impact in our modern world.

More specifically, it offers a new discussion on the heated debate, ignited by Chinua Achebe regarding the "racism" of Joseph Conrad, with reference to his novel "Things Fall Apart". Additionally, it looks into the perspective of Le Clézio in "Onitcha" in the attempt to represent as objectively as possible the non-African position on colonization.

The problems of colonization, decolonization and its achievement, on the other hand, are being analyzed from the point of view of a variety of authors from various parts of Africa and who encountered colonialism at different times. The personal story and fiction of authors such as Olaudah Equino, Ngugi wa Thiong'o and Achmant Dangor will be taken in consideration from e different perspective in the attempt to offer a more realistic perspective of the impact of colonization and decolonization in the structuring of our modern lives.

Key words: Colonialism, Racism, Binarism, Deconstruction, Postcolonialism