Accepted paper:

Italy in Goa: the role of the Theatines and the shaping of the art forms


Mónica Esteves Reis (CHAM/Fundação Oriente)

Paper short abstract:

A Religious Order at the margins of Padroado, the Grand Duke Cosimo III from Florence-Italy and Guarino Guarini, they all relate to shape the baroque of Goa churches.

Paper long abstract:

The historical documentation in the Directorate of Archives and Archaeology in Goa as enabled to reach interesting conclusions regarding the artistic modus operandi of the Theatines in Goa. This religious order started its action in Goa in 1640 without the knowledge of the Portuguese Padroado and after a few mishaps where able to build the church of Divine Providence between 1656 and 1661. In c.1675 and 1710, they launch two distinct and important artistic campaigns for the altarpieces in the church. Both have artistically shaped Goa. This presentation will highlight the visual and written documentation behind the statements.

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Old Goa: the city/port as a place of encounter and cross-cultural exchanges, shaping identities, urban spaces and built-up heritage