Accepted Paper:

New trades, new markets: the Florentine Merchant Giacomo de' Bardi in Lisbon (16th century)  


Nunziatella Alessandrini (CHAM)

Paper short abstract:

This paper is focused on the social and economic role of the Florentin Merchant Giacomo de’ Bardi in Lisbon during the 16th century.

Paper long abstract:

Since the 14th century, the de' Bardi family of Florentine merchants developed a politic of spreading their economical activities by establishing branches in several Italian and foreign cities. In 1338 they were given commercial privileges by the Portuguese king and, with the Atlantic and East expansion, they considerably increased their businesses. In the 16th century, a member of the family, Jacome (Giacomo) de' Bardi, had a determinant socio-economic role, both within the Italian community in Lisbon as in the Portuguese society.

With an history ranging throughout all the 16th century, including important moments of political and economic changes, the case of this particular merchant reflects all the pecularities of the ways of acting of Italian merchants outside their home land even though always maintaining strong bonds with Italy.

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L'Italia fuori d'Italia' revisited: Italian merchant diaspora(s) after the Renaissance