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The State and Its Citizens: Managing Science, Land, and Community in the post-Soviet Milieu  
Saulesh Yessenova (University of Calgary)
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Saulesh Yessenova (University of Calgary)
Saulesh Yessenova (University of Calgary)
Anthropology & Archaeology
207 (Floor 2)
Sunday 9 June, -
Time zone: Asia/Almaty


Previously defined as societies in transition, the post-Soviet successor states have demonstrated remarkable resilience. On the one hand, they succeeded at becoming functional members of the global community of the nation-states while, on the other had, they preserved the congenital approaches and practices developed in the former USSR. This panel addresses this situation in the post-transition societies, but as opposed to treating it as a mix of continuity and change, the papers explore the possibilities of social and political hybridity as the principal form of life that defines our world. The issue at stake in all three papers, focusing on different aspects of social and political life, such as power in the age of neoliberalism and authoritarianism, indigeneity and displacement, and nuclear science, is how this hybridity is conceptualized and exercised by the local actors as well as the states and to what ends. Approaching the social and political lives of the respective societies from the ethnographic perspective, this panel asks questions concerning the relationship between the state and society in the post-Soviet, post-nuclear, development and climate anxiety driven world, seeking to contribute to the ongoing debates in anthropology and other disciplines on the states of precarity and unfinishedness of lifeworlds as characteristics of the contemporary society.

Accepted papers:

Session 1 Sunday 9 June, 2024, -