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Roundtable: “Fake news”, Social Mobilization, Gendered and Economic Impact: Response and Post-Pandemic Dynamics in Tajikistan 
Dilafruz Nazarova (Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey)
Mashkhura Akilova (Columbia University)
Katoen Faromuzova (NGO Zamon va Jomea)
Shuhrat Mirzoev
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Zarrina Juraqulova (Denison University)
Shahnoza Nozimova (George Mason University)
Sociology & Social Issues
Friday 15 October, 11:30-13:00 (UTC-4)

Roundtable Abstract

Being one of the poorest and most remittance-dependent countries of Central Asia, Tajikistan faced significant crises as a result of Covid-19 pandemic. The government response was delayed and inadequate. The initial denial of the Covid-19 spread and lack of reliable data was used to maintain a semblance of control. Faced with the effects of the raging pandemic, the population had to deal with complex health, social, and economic challenges largely on its own. As the volume of remittances dropped significantly, the population took over the government’s responsibilities by mobilizing private resources with the support of local civil society and the international community. Despite the declaration of victory over the pandemic in January 2021 by President Rahmon, the real public health, economic, and political implications are still unfolding. Scholarly endeavours to understand the scale and severity of the pandemic are just beginning. The participants of this round table will offer an expert discussion of the country’s response to the pandemic, as well as potential current and future impact on the people and society. Presenters review legal and economic policies and implications; public health, social welfare and civil society mobilization; as well as differential impact of the pandemic on women’s social and private lives.