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Book-in-Progress Panel: Alternative Guide to Bishkek 
Emil Nasritdinov (American University of Central Asia)
Ulan Gabdushev (Independent Researcher)
Otabek Nigmatov (American University of Central Asia)
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David Leupold
Zhamilia Baiborieva (American University of Central Asia)
Zarina Adambussinova (American University of Central Asia in Bishkek)
Anthropology & Archaeology
Book-in-progress panel
Thursday 14 October, 11:30-13:00 (UTC-4)

Long Abstract

For the last six months, every Saturday, the team of urban anthropologists would get together at the Sierra coffee in the center of Bishkek get a doze of caffeine, and then wander off to some derelict corner of the city to walk around, take photographs and talk to locals. We did not plan out trips, we just followed the wind and our intuition like typical urban flaneurs and we would seek areas that normally would be left behind the scenes: residual spaces, deserted places, forsaken objects. The purpose of this project is to create an alternative guide to the city that portrays Bishkek as it is, not as picture-perfect postcard. The short-term outcomes were blogs about such spaces and places: garages, old mahallas, Soviet residential courtyards, cemeteries, modernist hospitals, riverbanks, deteriorating industrial zones, railway lines, etc. The blogs included a lot of graphics: photographs, maps, sketches, and watercolors and we hope that the final product will be also be a graphical book with interesting experimental text. This panel will bring together all authors who are currently contributing to the volume. We will present and discuss the main concept of the book and its structure and verbal and graphic contents.

Accepted papers: