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Roundtable: Teaching in Covid Times: Experiences From, In, With, and About Central Eurasia 
Marianne Kamp (Indiana University, CEUS)
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Cynthia Buckley (University of Illinois Urbana Champaign)
Anna Cieslewska (Jagiellonian University (Krakow), University of Bialystok)
Elira Turdubaeva (Online University)
Mary Bernadette Conde (American University of Central Asia)
Michael Hancock-Parmer (Ferrum College)
Saturday 16 October, 9:15-10:45 (UTC-4)

Roundtable Abstract

This roundtable focuses on teaching innovations that may have been forced upon us by Covid and the need to teach remotely, but that have proven to be productive and that may change something significant about how we teach about Central Asia. Some roundtable participants will discuss shared international courses taught by colleagues from universities in Central Asia and outside of Central Asia. Some of those partnerships became possible due to remote teaching opportunities but realizing them required dealing with bureaucratic hurdles. Other participants will highlight new techniques, tools, concepts and approaches to teaching. Jointly taught courses and expanded opportunities for guest lectures are some of the factors that have Goals of this conversation are to share best practices and innovative ideas, to explore new avenues for partnerships, and stimulate thinking on breaking down international barriers.

Participants: teams and individuals

1) Marianne Kamp, Daniyar Karabayev and Aijamal Sarybaeva (Indiana U-AUCA team teaching), contact person,

2) Cynthia Buckley, Cholpon Turdalieva, Chris Baker, Tamo Chattopadhay, Nurgul Ukueva (Illinois-AUCA team teaching). Contact person:

3) Elira Turdalieva (Open University, Kyrgyzstan),

4) Mary Bernadette Conde (OSCE Academy, Bishkek),

5) Michael Hancock-Parmer (Ferrum College)

6) Anna Cieslewska, (Jagiellonian-Georgia partnership)

Accepted contributors: