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Educational Inequality and Experiences: Perspectives from Twentieth Century to Independence 
Donohon Abdugafurova (Emory University)
Martha Merrill (Kent State University)
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Room 214
Saturday 12 October, 11:00-12:45 (UTC+0)

Long Abstract

This interdisciplinary panel concentrates on Gender, Literacy, and Education from different temporal and spatial views. It includes presentations from the early twentieth century to the current time issues related to literacy and education in the context of Uzbekistan and USA. The main themes that link the presentations are literacy and language acquisition. Based on the autobiographies of Zarifa Saidnosirova (d.1986) and Kibriya Qahhorova (d. 1996) Abdugafurova analyzes schooling experiences of girls and gender-specific literacy practices and language acquisition in early twentieth century Central Asia. In "Girls and Career Choices: Cultural Expectations in Uzbekistan" Gafurova highlights the gendered expectation that society entails on girls' education, their career choices and reflections of those choices in English language teaching context. Through interviews with educators, parents and young girls, the presenter argues that because of certain expectations girls have to modify their career options in order to please their parents and society, and those choices inform the students' attitude toward language learning. Khasilova shifts attention from early learners to the adult learners as they tackle foreign language acquisition namely Uzbek language at The World Language and Culture Program (WLCP) in the United States. She argues that in language literacy usage of technological mediums improve the chance of exposure to the native speakers, and language learners put emphasis on the importance of non-formal learning context.

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