Book in Progress: Collapse and Re-birth: A Living Archive on the End of the USSR and Afterward 
Nargis Kassenova (Harvard University)
George Krol (U.S. Naval War College)
Paul Goble
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Conference Room 505
Saturday 12 October, 9:00-10:45 (UTC+0)

Long Abstract

The panel will introduce the output of the first stage of the digital book/project focusing on key events in the USSR and successor states covering the period 1985-1995, which is creating a user friendly, publicly accessible and expandable multi-media internet archive. Large amounts of material from these years have become available on the internet, with video and audio accounts extant in peoples' private collections still available to be digitalized. Social media, and the early internet "bulletin boards" provide as yet un-mined resources for popular reactions to the events they were living through. Internet-based efforts to reach the population that lived through these events will create the public history component of the archive. To date there is no systematic way to access video, audio and individual accounts of these key events nor is there a straightforward path for those interested in publicly discussing them.

Featuring English language and Russian language materials (with some translation capability as applicable), it is intended to serve as source of materials for researchers, students and an interested general public.

We are organizing the panel around the theme of "the excessive use of force" as a trigger for creating greater (and cross-republic) nationalist protest and further deterioration of central control. It will be composed of presentations on the December ("Zheltoksan") events in Alma-Ata, KazSSR (1986), Ferghana "riots" (1989) the "Black January" in Baku, Azerbaijan (1990), and the "January Events" in Lithuania (1991).

Primary Authors and the student contributors working with them:

Nargis Kassenova, Senior Fellow, Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies, Harvard University ("Zheltoksan") with Michael Downs

Ulugbek Khasanov, Professor, UWED, (Fergana Events), with Mason Jacobs

Matthew Zierler, Associate Professor and Associate Dean of the Honors College, MSU (Black January), with Sofia Cuppal

Martha Brill Olcott, Professor, James Madison College, Michigan State University, (January Events) , with Bridie McBride.

Accepted papers: