Higher Education in Kazakhstan and Central Asia: Issues in Improving Quality 
Stanley Currier (IREX)
Mieke Meurs (American University)
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Sigur Center Conference Room
Thursday 10 October, 15:00-16:45 (UTC+0)

Long Abstract

How are Central Asian universities, and especially those in Kazakhstan, adapting to international standards of quality? Since the dissolution of the Soviet Union higher education suffered to varying degrees across the region and in different countries. Infrastructure for science and engineering is expensive and has only been partially rehabilitated. The role of English has become more important, while Russian also remains important. Some environmental issues, such as global warming and melting of the Central Asia glaciers affect the long-term water resources and overall health of the entire region. The role of women in these traditional societies is changing. What approaches are universities taking to improve higher education at this level? How long will these take? How are universities responding to pressure to publish in higher quality international journals? This panel will consider various perspectives on quality issues in higher education institutions in Central Asia and particularly in Kazakhstan.

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