Roundtable: discussing Central Asia in context, Part 2 
David Montgomery (University of Maryland)
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Laura Adams (Freedom House)
Voesar Conference Room 412
Thursday 10 October, 15:00-16:45 (UTC+0)

Long Abstract

While Central Asian Studies has developed into a thriving multidisciplinary field, scholarship has focused more on advancing discussions among scholars than on providing an entry into the field for those beginning to learn about the region. Central Asia in Context: A Thematic Introduction to the Region (Montgomery. Forthcoming, University of Pittsburgh Press) attempts to address this gap by bringing together over 50 leading scholars to discuss the varied thematic contexts in which Central Asians live and make sense of the world. In this panel, contributors from the volume will speak from their chapters on how to more holistically educate about the region, with a specific focus on how to present academic insights to a policy audience.

Discussing Central Asia in Context, part 2

Laura Adams - Moderator

David Montgomery - religion

Martha Merrill - education

Eric McGlinchey - property

Victoria Clement - case: language

Julie McBrien - case: in-law relations

Jennifer Wistrand - case: unmaking belonging

Accepted papers: