Roundtable: Higher Education in Central Asia as an Engine for Careers Internationally: Challenges and Successes 
Martha Merrill (Kent State University)
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Sigur Center Conference Room
Thursday 10 October, 13:00-14:45 (UTC+0)

Long Abstract

Higher education in Central Asia has experienced significant policy changes over the last two decades and a half. While many institutions may have begun their journeys in the Soviet system, the experiences of both old and new universities in post-Soviet years vary significantly both within and between the countries in the region. Existing research shows the impact of higher education in Central Asia on domestic careers (Ahn et al., 2018; Clement, 2018; Clement and Kataeva, 2018; DeYoung, 2011; DeYoung et al., 2018; Jonbekova, 2015; Merrill, 2012 & 2013; Ruziev and Burkhanov, 2018). However, evidence is lacking on how institutions of higher education in Central Asia can serve as a platform for students' careers internationally, within the region and beyond. Moreover, there are resources, both domestically and from abroad, that aid various universities in Central Asia to open the doors to international careers in a more effective and equitable manner. The roundtable participants will discuss the challenges and successes of Central Asian Universities in preparing the current generation of graduates to succeed globally. A discussion covers the perspectives of government officials, university administrators, and researchers.

Roundtable commentators:

• Victoria Clement, Ph.D., Research Analyst at the Center for Advanced Operational Culture and Learning at Marine Corps University, Quantico, VA

• Todd Drummond, Ph. D., Principal Researcher, American Institutes for Research,

• Ellen Hurwitz, Ph.D., President Emerita, American University of Central Asia and Board Chair, American University of Central Asia Foundation,

• Mayagul Satlykgylyjova, M.Ed., Academic Coordinator, TRIO Upward Bound Classic Academy, Kent State University, and Ph.D. candidate, Cultural Foundations of Education, Kent State.

• H.E. Ambassador Kadyr Toktogulov, former Kyrgyz Republic's Ambassador to the United States and Canada,

Accepted papers: