Accepted Paper:

Religiosity of Modern Mongolians  


Tsetsenbileg Tseveen ( Institute of Philosophy (current name), Academy of Sciences)

Paper long abstract:

The paper discusses the state of religiosity among Mongolians and occurred changes in post-communist Mongolia after 1990. People obtained the right of any religious belief and faith after having atheist ideology for 70 years while had a strong Buddhist identity in past two centuries. Paper explores religious situation and influencing factors based on analysis of various sources, statistic of monasteries, temples, churches and their authorities, and own surveys conducted in Ulaanbaatar in 2012 and 2016. I argue that religiosity of Mongolians has changed dramatically; number of Christians is increasing, while Buddhists are fragmented and ambivalent, also shamanism had boomed in 2000s and now other different practices are emerging. The current trends in religiosity are investigated using different qualitative and quantitative methods, like structured face to face interviews, deep interviews, FGDs, observations.

Panel REL-01
Youth, Religion, and Questions of Radicalization