Intersections of History and Literature: Translation and Academia in Central Eurasian Studies
Joshua Freeman (Harvard University)
Christopher Fort (University of Michigan)
Joshua L. Freeman
Chris Fort
Posvar 5604
Start time:
27 October, 2018 at 9:00
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This roundtable proposes to discuss mechanisms to enhance translations of literary and academic texts from Central Eurasian region into English and to address gaps in existing networks, communications and the field of academic translations. The roundtable seeks to establish ways and networks to disseminate more translations projects of local texts into English. The roundtable will address problems such as: - Western academic structure that discourages scholars from doing and publishing translations of Eurasian literary and scholarly texts; - issues of translation significance for pedagogy and encouraging foreign students to learn local languages; - will discuss the possibilities of working with local translators; - will address practical matters such as copyright law and its application in Central Asia; - focus on the issue of how to broaden the appeal of potential translations beyond just those teaching Central Asian literature. The roundtable participants also aim to create a platform for translations and invite local and foreign scholars to contribute to the platform with existing translations. We also aim to discuss potential possibilities for collaborations and joint publications of translations.

Accepted papers: