New Approaches to the Mongol Empire
Judith Kolbas (Miami University)
Beatrice Manz (Tufts University)
Judith Kolbas
Beatrice Manz
Posvar 3800
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27 October, 2018 at 9:00 (UTC+0)
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New research on the Mongol Empires seemingly emerges everyday. Climate science and expanded understanding of how the sources were written and expanded has altered our appreciation of the empire's history. This panel will explore some of the latest findings and how they apply to the empire and how it has revised our own understanding of the events within the Mongol Empire. Climatic studies has raised questions about the rise of the Mongol Empire as well as its impact on military operations. Now more localized applications of climate studies are being applied to the study of the Mongol Empire such as its impact on the Jochid Ulus. The study of key sources reveals not only additional materials, but also a better understanding of how documents and authors are connected, while also demonstrating that a source must always be understood within the context of its period and its author's intent--a lesson that historians must never forget.