Ethics and Safety in Field Research
Jennifer Murtazashvili (University of Pittsburgh)
Annika Schmeding (Boston University, Dept. of Anthropology)
Posvar 3911
Start time:
27 October, 2018 at 11:00
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The relation between ethics and scientific research or the relation of ethics with science is a very complicated issue; which it is very important one to think and read about it. Some of the positivists and empiricists believe that there is no place or room for ethics in scientific researches. But some of the sociology founders like, Frankfurt school theoretician or critical thinking believers, conflict theoretician and interpretivist theoreticians do not separate the ethics and science from each other. We believe that the exact understanding of this issue "ethics in research" has very important influence on scientific organizations' performance, even on politics and it has direct relation with human rights in making social policies too. In this regard most of the innovations and new products are result of scientific research. In most of them in wide manner they, for having more products and getting more space in market, destroyed our social- bio environment; which it means that they do not think about ethics. This is also applicable in humanities; most of the laws, policies and systems are making under influence of scientific researches. If we do not think about ethics then we are going to destroy our social life as well. In this workshop the two sociologist professors which they teaching research methodology and philosophy of science for master students from Kabul University (Dr. Sayed Nooroddin Alavi) and Kabul Education University (Dr. Omid Afghan) are going to present new information regarding this topic. The most important elements for presenting are as below: 1. The ethics' norms to do in scientific society (Dr. Alavi) 2. Ethics' of scientific problem understanding and choosing topic (Dr. Afghan) 3. Research steps and ethics of doing (Dr. Alavi) 4. Research outcomes and ethics (dealing with publishers and media) (Dr. Afghan)