Audiovisual media programme 
Meg Stalcup (University of Ottawa)
FSS 1007
Start time:
3 May, 2017 at 17:45 (UTC+0)
Session slots:

Short Abstract:

This panel is dedicated to audiovisual works related to the theme of “movement.” Human scientists, filmmakers, and other artists and practitioners are encouraged to submit films, photographs, audio works, installations and web-based formats or other audiovisual projects.

Long Abstract:

In keeping with the CASCA/IUAES congress' theme in the Call for Papers, we call for audiovisual works on the diverse implications of “movement,” from flows and frictions to displacements and disappearances. Ethnologists, folklorists, anthropologists, and representatives of related disciplines (e.g. urban planning, geography, design) and institutions (museums, archives etc.) as well as filmmakers and other artists (e.g. photographers, sound designer), are encouraged to submit films, photographs, audio works, installations and web-based formats. Special attention will be paid to the specific potential of audiovisual work for the congress’ topic by focusing on material, bodily, sensorial or spatial dimensions, tacit knowledge or other non-linguistic perspectives of movement, and also its blockages and absence. Films and other audiovisual media do more than represent – they are processes of creation that are epistemological, analytic, conceptual and political. Therefore, we are not only interested in classically shaped and linear narratives but also those works which focus on the conceptual value of audiovisual material in the wider sense. In order to be able examine this research and its contributions to the CASCA/IUAES theme, we offer, in addition to the possibility to screen films and other audiovisual works, a space for open question-and-answer discussion. Please note that that submitter must be in attendance to present the audiovisual work and participate in Q&A.

Propose your AV media using the 'Propose a paper' link below. In the long abstract, please indicate: name of author/director, year of production, language, length (in case of a film), number of photos (in case of photo essay), platform (in case of interactive works) and any further important technical data. Please also state the technical requirements for the presentation of your material.

Accepted papers: