Accepted Paper:

you can't translate börek  


Heather Buist (University of Ottawa)

Paper short abstract:

Title: you can't translate börek Format: Film Director: Heather Buist Year of production: 2016 Language: English Length: 10 minutes Keywords: Turkish, Kurdish, Canadian, immigration, identity, nationality

Paper long abstract:

"you can't translate börek," is a documentary about the questions that arise in immigration from childhood. When one moves to another country as a child, what nationality to they consider themselves? What are their connections to the community after everything they once knew has changed?

Dilara is a 29-year-old Turkish-Kurdish-Canadian that has lived in Canada for over half her life. Discussing various aspects in her life, and the people and things that are most important to her, she has asked herself many of these questions. Partly instructional and partly interactional, Dilara makes a traditional Turkish dish to share with her Canadian friends and fiancé. Going back and forth from interviews in various settings, to cooking at home in Ottawa, ON, she transforms what it means to be 'immigrant' and makes an identity of her own.

The movie displays the nuances of nationality and identity. It shows that what makes someone who they are, does not always fall into neatly packaged categories.

Panel AV01
Audiovisual media programme