Ethnographies of space security and securitization 
Carmen Rial (Federal University of Santa Catarina)
Cornelia Eckert (UFRGS - Brazil)
Relational movements: Crossroads, Places and Violences/Mouvements relationnels: Carrefours, Lieux et Violences
MNT 202
Start time:
3 May, 2017 at 14:00 (UTC+0)
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Short Abstract:

Security is not only inscribed in militarized borders, or in political and spatial restrictions of public space, but also penetrates the domestic realm of home. This panel focuses on the various mechanisms deployed to control and assure security, and on how security is perceived and lived spatially.

Long Abstract

In recent years, border controls, counter-terrorism apparatuses, identification systems, camera-surveillance, internet hackers and insecurity in other "security-scapes" have raised growing interest among politicians, police forces, the media and, of course, researchers from different disciplinary backgrounds and countries, resulting in dissimilar narratives. What are the characteristics of the mechanisms currently envisaged or applied? How they are lived and perceived? What are the unintended adverse consequences of the introduction of surveillance systems, and their side effects? Do they restrain freedom and create insecurity? Can they be characterized as disciplinary - or bio-politic - power? The panel is looking for ethnographic investigations of controlled spaces at militarized borders, in urban public spaces (roads, neighborhoods, buildings, sports arenas, airports…), in the domestic realm of the home, as well as analyses of narratives concerning the actual surveillance systems and futuristic technologies.

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