Accepted Paper:

The images of fears and crises in the metropolitan life: everyday anthropology in Porto Alegre, Brazil  


Cornelia Eckert (UFRGS - Brazil)

Paper short abstract:

This paper part of an ethnographic research in Porto Alegre (Brazil). The research addresses the issue of culture of fear and crisis in the daily life of people.

Paper long abstract:

Through an anthropological study in Porto Alegre (Brazil) this paper explain our ethnography about the multiple forms negotiations living in the city from the feelings of fear, insecurity, anxiety, etc but also the forms of sociability and multiple interactions.

We observe the specific facts and the daily practices of urban groups in order to know the meaning associated with the flow of experience and everyday interactions and specific situations structured by a sense of temporal sorts of social subjects. We analyze Porto Alegre as a backdrop threatened by crises, violence, fragmentation, etc. For us the concept of crisis and fear as "value" and the presence of meanings in multiple ways to interact and socialize, present in living in an urban world, seized on behalf of the inhabitants as chaotic, insecure and threatening. We want to show the images of the rhythms of lived events and interpreting devices, narratives of collective memories about the complexity of situations experienced. We build life trajectories from the biographical narratives of middle segments inhabitants in the city of Porto Alegre and we bring storys of ethnography events from observation forms of everyday interaction.

Panel RM-CPV02
Ethnographies of space security and securitization