Enterprise anthropology: conflict resolution in business communities 
Keiko Yamaki (Shujitsu University)
Noriya Sumihara (Tenri University)
Megumi Doshita (Tama University)
Tomoko Hamada (College of William and Mary)
Relational movements: Crossroads, Places and Violences/Mouvements relationnels: Carrefours, Lieux et Violences
VNR 3035
Start time:
6 May, 2017 at 8:30 (UTC+0)
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Short Abstract:

This is the panel on Commission Enterprise Anthropology. We will discuss the process of conflicts resolution in/for the business community to adapt the environment changes.

Long Abstract

This is the panel on Commission Enterprise Anthropology. In this panel, we will discuss Conflict Resolution in Business Communities.

Enterprise's activity is the social relationships and the interactions between communities and agents. Different conflicts are assumed among agents in order that their purposes and interests in business are different each other. Furthermore, the conflicts of interest occur often among people even in the same companies, departments, teams, and even though in the most suitable and ideal organizations depending on the business environment changes. Therefore, management is a process of adaptation for the environment. Business is the competition to create both winners and losers, however, they sometimes act in solidarity depending on their concern. Enterprises sometimes are able to grow up through the way of creative conflict resolution.

With globalization and complication of business environment, organizations and administration are required to manage for homology in a conflict resolution and the decision-making scene.

In this panel, we discuss some case study of conflicts resolution process in business.

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