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Accepted Paper:

How would contemporary world look without art paintings?  
Orietta Marquina Vega (Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru (PUCP))

Paper short abstract:

Contemporary art curators say Painting is an old fashion art that does not match contemporary subjectivities. However, Covid Pandemia has shown our need to dwell the world to exist. Painting is a way for artists to dwell the world. Why they should stop painting? The personal is political.

Paper long abstract:

Contemporary art curators have put art painters today facing a dilemma. To exist and be recognized as artists, we must make artworks which must either response to social problems and demands of social justice or to a novelty nobody or very few people understand. They say painting is an old fashion art manifestation based on artist's subjectivity. Who cares about that! It doesn't match contemporary subjectivities. That is an individual and selfish manifestation of artist's ego unless they show the social or the newest. However, Pandemia has shown that our strength as humankind is our personal awareness and commitment to daily life making this world livable. Once again, the personal is political.

What matters in arts is a subjectivity talking to another subjectivity to produce an affection. What is subjectivity, but society┬┤s trace on a self or being? As an artist my responsibility is to affect someone at his/her daily life. Affecting others, arts question his/her boundaries of what is possible/no possible to accept as human beings living "in the one-world we all inhabit" (Ingold, 2018, p. 158). Doing so, arts affects also transform my daily live into daily existence. It doesn┬┤t matter if I use painting, video or whatever. The contemporary is a way of relating to the times we live in, not with a material or an artistic technique.

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World anthropologies: interpreting human interactions
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