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The Anthropologist from the 'South': New Collaborative Directions beyond Radical Alterity 
Tuhina Ganguly (Shiv Nadar University)
Vinicius Ferreira (Rio de Janeiro State University)
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Yasmeen Arif (Shiv Nadar University)
Who Speaks and for Whom?
Monday 29 March, -
Time zone: Europe/London

Short Abstract:

How can collaborations among anthropologists from the 'South' enable different theoretical frames that both critique 'Northern' epistemological hegemony and simultaneously go beyond embodying the presumed radical alterity of the 'South'?

Long Abstract:

Anthropology is recognising the inequities inherent to the discipline, the multiple voices and power imbalances emerging from 'the West vs rest' binary. But how do we locate the anthropologist from the 'South' where the 'South' is not simply an ethnographic locale but also an epistemological location beyond its own geopolitical confines. We ask what of the 'Southern' anthropologist who works on diverse contours and contexts of not only the ethnographic South but also of the ethnographic 'North', and whose theoretical frames may not necessarily be native or from the position of one's ethnographic locale? Can there be dialogue between anthropologists from the North and South only if the latter perform prescribed roles in the international division of intellectual labour by writing on given topics, quoting specific authors, adopting specific styles, and working on their own countries? Isn't it time for a 'Southern attitude' that entitles the anthropologist from the South to better appropriate and put forward her own praxis and intellectual lineages? Do we have to shoulder a responsibility of proposing radically alternative theoretical frames for it to be recognised as valid? Thus, we invite responses that are particularly alive to the possibility of South-South collaborations, and willing to go beyond the limits of suggesting and working with theoretical frames embodying the presumed radical alterity of the 'South'. The interrogations are meant to expand the epistemological horizon of the 'South', simultaneously critiquing the North/South binary and yet being acutely aware of the dynamics of one's location.

Accepted papers:

Session 1 Monday 29 March, 2021, -